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My Technical SEO mentorship with Aleyda Solis at TheFCDC is almost done

It feels like this life-long learning experience shouldn't end, but it's gradually winding up.

This is my third month of mentorship with Aleyda Solis, and I already feel like a pro. The confidence I've gained due to this training is out of this world.

But, come to think of it, how do you expect me to feel after having a real-time experience with the best SEO consultant in the world?

Looking back to four months ago, I never knew I would be here. But all thanks to Chima Mmeje, who created a great coalition - The Freelance Coalition For Developing Countries- where BIPOC freelancers get valuable support.

Sit back and read about my SEO progress so far.

The Freelance Coalition for Developing Countries Logo
The Freelance Coalition for Developing Countries

The beginning of my Technical SEO journey

On April 19, Aleyda taught us the fundamentals of SEO in our first Tech SEO consolidation lesson.

During this class, I was able to grasp the WHY of SEO. The first class was a paradigm shift in which I realized that SEO effectiveness is based on knowing business goals and understanding SEO prioritization.

Our teacher emphasized that SEO questions and approaches are best understood in context.

We conducted a live site audit where we got firsthand experience with mini-website migrations; FAQ structured data, competitive analysis, Single Page Analysis with Sitebulb, and so on.

Every class with Aleyda was an extra step towards SEO professionalism.

My colleagues and I began sharing our SEO successes before the end of the second month of coaching. To be honest, learning SEO was overwhelming because there are so many articles to read, videos to watch, and meetings to attend to gain the required information.

My session with Aleyda has been a million dollar experience that I can't put all into writing. Of course, you can see the impact on me.

My Learning Culture

At the beginning of our mentorship, we were instructed to:

  • Take the Blue Array SEO course

  • Take the Semrush Tech SEO course

  • Familiarize ourselves with the fundamentals of tech SEO under

"OMG! I went ahead to take virtually all the sections. It just dawned on me that we were only asked to take a “fundamentals of tech SEO” section. I enjoyed the articles, which contributed to my SEO knowledge."

Back to my learning experience, I began by taking the Blue Array Technical SEO course and Semrush, which were the first steps in studying SEO before the consolidation classes began.

It was pretty overwhelming, but I kept reading supporting articles to help me understand.

One of my favorite learning channels is the Google Search Central YouTube channel, where I learned basic SEO concepts like:

  • Crawling

  • Rendering

  • How search engine works

  • Understanding JavaScript

  • XML sitemaps, etc.

Looking at how voluminous the roadmap to learning SEO compilation is, I set aside 5 hours each day to study the articles serially while ticking the box for completed pieces.

This was a very tight time management discipline because I still needed to keep up with my content writing work, which required me to create at least 3000 words of technical articles twice or three times per week.

It was a time when I needed to cut back on my sleep hours to keep up with personal reading, work, social media platforms, and class meetings.

It was hectic, but I enjoyed it because I found that SEO is vital to business survival. Acquiring this skill could position me as a significant business solution provider.

Free Access to the Blue Array SEO Manager Certification - a $497 SEO Course

Simon Schnieder offered us free access to a Blue Array paid course while I was still in the habit of reading 5 hours per day. I was delighted because I had previously seen the course but couldn't afford it.

Here are the course specifics:

Course details for Blue Array SEO Manager Course
Blue Array SEO Manager Course Details

This is a gold mine that every SEO should have in their library. The course is a live and direct in-person experience for beginners and experienced SEO professionals.

The SEO Playbook by Tomek Rudzi

SEO Playbook back cover by Tomek Rudzi
SEO playbook by Tomek Rudzi

On June 29, 2022, we all accessed Tomek's excellent SEO book. I was thrilled to hear about the access because I had seen the book before but could not buy it. This SEO playbook explains every SEO fundamental.

Here’s the link to get the book:

I've started reading the book and can attest that it suits both beginners and professionals. You'll discover the fundamentals and advanced ideas of SEO in plain English without getting bogged down by SEO jargon.

Let's talk about the top SEO tools we got access to.

Access to the Best SEO Tools

The SEO community contributed to our overall learning experience by giving us access to premium tools such as;

  1. Wix website

  2. SEMRush

  3. Keyword Insights

  4. NeuralText

  5. Also Asked

  6. Screaming Frog

  7. Sitebulb

All these SEO tools aided my experimentation and SEO wins. I would love to show you my achievements with these tools.

My Achievements While Learning Tech SEO at TheFCDC

  1. I learned how to create a Keyword strategy for a new website. When I started my WIX website, a platform to experiment with my SEO knowledge, I struggled with the keyword research for my website. This struggling pushed me to read articles and watch YouTube videos.

Most articles focused on keyword research for existing websites, and that made the whole process tedious for me.

In the long run, I put in the test, and I was able to help other new websites. I created a thread on Twitter about SEO strategies for new websites.

A Twitter thread on keyword research for new website
Twitter thread on keyword research for a new website

2. I did a comprehensive competitive analysis for a face painting local business. I used SEMRush and SERP analysis to spot content and keyword gaps for the company.

3. I researched a long-tail keyword to rank my website on Google.

4. Did an on-page SEO audit for a blog with relevant recommendations.

I wouldn’t just end my progress story without leaving you with tips to succeed in your Technical SEO journey through FCDC.

Helpful Tips to Succeed in Learning Technical SEO

  1. Face the reality that SEO is very broad and prepare your mind to learn in bits.

  2. Understand yourself and devote time to your best learning process.

  3. Develop a strong desire to learn and inculcate reading culture.

  4. Find your way to communities such as Twitter, Women in Tech SEO, LinkedIn to watch out for latest updates in SEO.

  5. Sign up for SEO newsletters to stay on track while learning.

  6. Recommended YouTube channels to quicken your learning process include; Google Search Central, Crawling Mondays by Aleyda Solis, etc.

  7. Follow SEO experts both on Twitter and LinkedIn.

  8. Have a website to experiment your SEO knowledge.

  9. Always feel free to seek help by asking questions and build in public.

  10. Learn! Learn! Learn! and experiment.

Final Thought

So far, I've seen and heard that the SEO community is full of brilliant women and men. It's such a great life-time experience to transition into technical SEO.

Never say never to opportunities to grow. The freelance Coalition for Developing Countries is a game changer for me and my other nine colleagues.

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